Unit 11: Function Operations

Lesson 11.1: Families of Functions

11.1 notes  HW: HW 11.1

Lesson 11.2 Domain and Range of Functions 

11. 2 notes   11.2 HW

Lesson 11.3: Shifting Functions

11.3 notes    Hw: Finish 11.3 packet from class

Lesson 11.4:  QUIZ + Deltamath 

Ms P will be absent- theh 11.4- it is due by 11pm on sunday night.

Lesson 11.5: Solving Systems of  Functions Graphically 

11.5 notes   11.5 worksheet          HW 11.5      Desmos.com

Lesson 11.6: Solving Systems Algebraically 

11.6 notes      11.6 HW

Lesson 11.7: QUIZ + Solving systems with Absolute Values 

11.7 notes                           11.7 practice – due 5/2


Lesson 11.8: Special Functions 

11.8 notes                  11.8 HW

Lesson 11.9: Regents Function Review Bonanza 

11.9 hw

Lesson 11.10: Function Unit Review 

11.10 review key

Unit 11 Test: May 6th!

Mastery Topics:

  • Function Identities: Family, Domain and Range
  • Graphing Functions with Shit Method
  • Solving Systems of Functions
  • Special Functions- Composition and Recursive
  • Other- Regents questions, modeling, rate of change.


Beat the Basics 11




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