Final Mathematical Art Project

Each student must create an additional project with the following:

  • Obviously uses some mathematical principal or is influenced by a math object
  • least 12×12 inches
  • NOT a recreation of a project already covered in the class
  • straight precise lines and is colored thoughtfully
  • worthy of 4-5 hours of work

Each student needs to create a DRAFT project first on regular sized paper.  You must bring a hard copy of your paper to class on the day of the presentations!!!!

Each student will write  a 500 word- double spaced paper about their project that includes:

  • a  general description of your process and the project you created
  • How math was used or influenced your piece
  • a comparison to famous pieces of art work that uses the same mathematical principals
  • a description of how lines, color and/ or shadows were used

Paper Grading Rubric:

  • 5 pts: Describing your process and your project
  • 5 pts: The mathematical influences + connections of your project
  • 5 pts: The artistic influences + connections
  • 5pts: Your opinion on your work
  • 5 pts: Paper is well written and not copied from any source.

Each student will present their project on June 13th in class, each presentation should be 2-3 minutes. (this cannot be made up if the project is not complete for the presentation!)

This project is has 3 mastery components worth approximately 15% of your overall grade :  Project Grade, Paper Grade, Peer Evaluation Grade 

Project Inspirations: (click on picture to go to site with tips / instructions) You should not do the exact thing in the each of the inspiration photos- but use it as a starting point to create your own project

Optical Illusions:

 Image result for optical illusion art


Pursuit Curves:  



Tessellating Objects: 



Creating an animal tessellation? Or a monster? Try googleing ‘animal tessellation’ or ‘monster tessellation and looking at the images for inspiration!

Mandala Art: 

Chow to draw a mandala


Parabolic String Curves:

Image result for parabolic string art  Image result for parabolic string art

Impossible Geometry Art: 

*there are some great youtube videos on how to make these cool things!*


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