Regents Review

The Common Core Algebra 1 Regents will be administered at 9am on June 16th at the iSchool.   All students need to be at school by 8:30 to check their phone and find their testing room.


The Regents exam is cumulative and will cover all of the math we have done throughout the year! All students need to earn a 70 on the exam to ensure they will pass algebra and move onto geometry next year.   To prepare for this test we will be completing six mock regents exams which consist of 24 multiple choice questions and 13 extended response questions.  Each student will need to complete one half of an exam (12 mc questions and 6-7 er questions) per night as homework and we will spend class time grading the test and going over it.   All Mock Regents will be handed out in class.   If you are absent or lose your copy of the test email Ms. P asap and you will be emailed a copy of the missing test!!  It is very important that all students complete all six practice exams in a timely manner to get the most out of this review process!


Over the weekends, you will also be asked to watch a review video. You may choose the topic, but should take into consideration which topics you need help on (look at the MC tracker).  All videos can be found in the Mastery Video Library.  If you complete the practice worksheet for the topic you have an opportunity to earn a free mastery point!



Please email me with any questions!  🙂

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Final Mathematical Art Project

Each student must create an additional project with the following:

  • Obviously uses some mathematical principal or is influenced by a math object
  • least 12×12 inches
  • NOT a recreation of a project already covered in the class
  • straight precise lines and is colored thoughtfully
  • worthy of 4-5 hours of work

Each student needs to create a DRAFT project first on regular sized paper.  You must bring a hard copy of your paper to class on the day of the presentations!!!!

Each student will write  a 500 word- double spaced paper about their project that includes:

  • a  general description of your process and the project you created
  • How math was used or influenced your piece
  • a comparison to famous pieces of art work that uses the same mathematical principals
  • a description of how lines, color and/ or shadows were used

Paper Grading Rubric:

  • 5 pts: Describing your process and your project
  • 5 pts: The mathematical influences + connections of your project
  • 5 pts: The artistic influences + connections
  • 5pts: Your opinion on your work
  • 5 pts: Paper is well written and not copied from any source.

Each student will present their project on June 13th in class, each presentation should be 2-3 minutes. (this cannot be made up if the project is not complete for the presentation!)

This project is has 3 mastery components worth approximately 15% of your overall grade :  Project Grade, Paper Grade, Peer Evaluation Grade 

Project Inspirations: (click on picture to go to site with tips / instructions) You should not do the exact thing in the each of the inspiration photos- but use it as a starting point to create your own project

Optical Illusions:

 Image result for optical illusion art


Pursuit Curves:  



Tessellating Objects: 



Creating an animal tessellation? Or a monster? Try googleing ‘animal tessellation’ or ‘monster tessellation and looking at the images for inspiration!

Mandala Art: 

Chow to draw a mandala


Parabolic String Curves:

Image result for parabolic string art  Image result for parabolic string art

Impossible Geometry Art: 

*there are some great youtube videos on how to make these cool things!*


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Unit 12: Data Analysis

Intro to Data Analysis: 

To start this unit, everyone will need to complete the intro to Data Analysis packet And watch these 4 videos:

Data Analysis 1–  Histograms and Scatter Plots

Data Analysis 2 – Measures of Central Tendency and Box and Whisker Plots

Data Analysis 3   – Data Shifts

Data Analysis 4 – Data Types + Bias

The entire packet needs to be complete for May 13th!  There will be a Quiz over the material on may 13th!!

Lesson 12.4: Quiz + More Practice 

12.4 hw

Lesson 12.5:  Graphing with our Calculators + Regression 

12.5 notes       12.5 hw     Wabbit Calculator Download 

Lesson 12.6: Data Palooza!

Hw: Finish the datapalooza packet for hw.

Lesson 12.7  Unit  Review 

Check the DataPaloozaKey

Work on the Unit 12 Review – due Friday 5/20!

Solution Guide:12.7 review key

Unit 12 Test: May 20th


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Professional Development Resources

EdxEd Conversation- June 9th, 2016

Presentation Slides     Overview of Sarah’s Mastery System                  How To

Math for America: Mastery Based Learning- May 4th 2016

Presentation Slides     Overview of Sarah’s Mastery System                  How To

Mastery Collaborative Visit- April 8th

Mastery Collaborative Visit          Presentation Slides 

EduCon- PopUP Design – January 2016

Presentation Slides              Course website 

STEM Teachers NYC : Standards Based Grading – Oct 17th

Resource Folder                                   Links to Resources  

Math for America: The E in STEM PLT – Fall 2015

Resource Folder

Educon- Mastery Based Grading- January 2015

Presentation Slides 

Master Teachers on Teaching Talk:  STEAM Education

Youtube Video of Talk 

Math for America: Algebra Regents PLT – Fall 2014


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Unit 11: Function Operations

Lesson 11.1: Families of Functions

11.1 notes  HW: HW 11.1

Lesson 11.2 Domain and Range of Functions 

11. 2 notes   11.2 HW

Lesson 11.3: Shifting Functions

11.3 notes    Hw: Finish 11.3 packet from class

Lesson 11.4:  QUIZ + Deltamath 

Ms P will be absent- theh 11.4- it is due by 11pm on sunday night.

Lesson 11.5: Solving Systems of  Functions Graphically 

11.5 notes   11.5 worksheet          HW 11.5

Lesson 11.6: Solving Systems Algebraically 

11.6 notes      11.6 HW

Lesson 11.7: QUIZ + Solving systems with Absolute Values 

11.7 notes                           11.7 practice – due 5/2


Lesson 11.8: Special Functions 

11.8 notes                  11.8 HW

Lesson 11.9: Regents Function Review Bonanza 

11.9 hw

Lesson 11.10: Function Unit Review 

11.10 review key

Unit 11 Test: May 6th!

Mastery Topics:

  • Function Identities: Family, Domain and Range
  • Graphing Functions with Shit Method
  • Solving Systems of Functions
  • Special Functions- Composition and Recursive
  • Other- Regents questions, modeling, rate of change.


Beat the Basics 11




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Quarter 3 Review

Quarter 2 Review


Your Quarter 3 Exam will be a 2 day, multiple choice test with 56 questions.  The test included a practice regents exam and covers ALL the topics we have done so far this year. The test is on April 4th, 5th and 6th.  The exam will count for approximately 20% of your quarter grade.


After completing the Q3 Reflection in class, use the mastery videos and worksheets to review!

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Area of Focus Materials

Area of Focus Info:

Area of Focus Overview 

Area of Focus Video

Junior Year- Intro Presentation

Junior Year Survey to Determine Area of Focus

Critical Thinking Materials:

brainstorming 1 – Talk to a senior + what are you interested in?

Brainstorming 2– What is good preliminary research?

brainstorming 3 – What should my question be?

Brainstorming 4: Is my question a GOOD question?



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Critical Thinking in Psychology 2016

Critical Thinking in Psychology

Intro Materials:

CT Psych Syllabus        Area of Focus Video           Area of Focus Materials

 Online Text Book                  Basketball Pass Video

Class 1:  Intro to class.  HW:  Complete brainstorming 1 for next class.

Class 2 :  The Marshmallow Test  + Basic Experiment Design

Class 3: 6 amazing psychological studies!

April 15th – Ms P is Absent – email with any questions.  Read Chapter 1.   Answer ALL the  review questions(seriously, answer them all) and be prepared to discuss the Critical Thinking questions in class on Monday- remember you will be graded on your class participation!

Research and Experimental Design 

Class 5: Quiz over chapter 1 + discussion questions.

Class 6: Analyzing Quiz Data Activity  HW: finish up to section 6.

Class 7:  Finish Data Analysis

Spring Break:

  1. Watch this TED TALK on GRIT   and answer the following questions- be prepared to discuss when we get back

a. What do you think Grit means?

b. On a scale of 1-10- how gritty are you?

c. What kind of questions do you think Angela Lee Duckworth asked her subjects to determine if they had grit?

d. Why do you think people with more grit are more likely to do well in life?

e. Do you think it’s possible to teach someone grit? How?

2. Read sections 2.2 and 2.3 

Learning, Conditioning and Memory

Jim’s Mint Experiment on The Office , Learned Behavior Video 

Genie: Secret of the Wild Child Documentary (YouTube)

Development, Intelligence and Personality

Nature vs Nurture video + Debate Information – Debate will be May 16th!

Psychological Disorders and Treatments

Psychological Disorders Activity 


After Finishing brainstorming 1 ,2, 3 and  4 each student needs to make a copy of CRITICAL THINKING FINAL  OUTCOME  and complete it by June 9th.  You need to have the form at the end submitted by June  12th.

You will be sharing your final question and ideas with the class on June 10th and 13th,  please complete YOUR SLIDE ONLY of hte FINAL PRESENTATION SLIDES


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Are kids asking good questions?


Kids are asking questions all the time. They’re wondering things everyday, or at least they should be.   Today, at UN-PD someone said “Kids don’t ask questions because they are taught to not ask questions.” and that’s not okay.    After looking at Neil Postman and Charles Weingartner’s work on Teaching and Questions I started to think about Senior Projects at the iSchool.  Are my seniors asking good questions? Are we helping them discover their questions thoughtfully?  So I spent our work time jumping off of Postman and Weingartner’s list and creating a list of 10 yes or no questions for the students to ask themselves about their draft focus question.  The stronger the question is, the more YES answers there will be- hopefully there will be at least 8 or 9 YESs!


What is your DRAFT focus question?



Answer the following questions about your focus question:


  1. Will you enjoy the work required to learn enough to answer your question?  YES or NO
  2. Will you need to ask more little questions to answer your focus question?  YES or NO
  3. Will your question inspire  you and others to think? YES or NO
  4. Will you be excited to teach other people about what you’ve learned about your question?  YES or NO
  5. Does your question require extensive research and synthesis? YES or NO
  6. Does you question allow for multiple or alternative answers? YES or NO
  7. Will you be frustrated during the process of answering your question? YES or NO
  8. Will you remember what you’ve learned about your question in twenty years? YES or NO
  9. Will different people react to or interpret your question in multiple ways? YES or NO
  10. Will you be proud of your work and yourself at the end of this process? YES or NO


Number of YES answers:______  Number of NO answers:________


Explain any of your NO answers:



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Unit 10: Algebraic Fractions

Lesson 10.1: Intro to Algebraic Fractions

10.1 notes                      HW 10.1

Extra Help Videos:  Evaluating, Finding Excluded Values    Simplifying Video 

Lesson 10.2: Adding and Subtracting 

10.2 notes  HW:  Finish 10.2 Practice  from class

Lesson 10.3: Multiplying and Dividing 

10.3 notes                      10.3 HW

Lesson 10.4: Practice with Algebraic Fractions

In Class: Complete the 10.4 Deltamath assignment by 11pm on Tuesday March 29th.   HW 10.3 will be checked on Wednesday!

You can also use class time to work on corrections or test retakes from Kacey.

Lesson 10.5: Review of Algebraic Fractions 

HW:  Complete at least 10 problems from the 10.5 Review HW– you should do at least 1 problem in each section.

10.5 review key

Unit 10 Test:  Wednesday April 30th

HW: Beat the Basics 10

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