Unit 12: Data Analysis

Intro to Data Analysis: 

To start this unit, everyone will need to complete the intro to Data Analysis packet And watch these 4 videos:

Data Analysis 1–  Histograms and Scatter Plots

Data Analysis 2 – Measures of Central Tendency and Box and Whisker Plots

Data Analysis 3   – Data Shifts

Data Analysis 4 – Data Types + Bias

The entire packet needs to be complete for May 13th!  There will be a Quiz over the material on may 13th!!

Lesson 12.4: Quiz + More Practice 

12.4 hw

Lesson 12.5:  Graphing with our Calculators + Regression 

12.5 notes       12.5 hw     Wabbit Calculator Download 

Lesson 12.6: Data Palooza!

Hw: Finish the datapalooza packet for hw.

Lesson 12.7  Unit  Review 

Check the DataPaloozaKey

Work on the Unit 12 Review – due Friday 5/20!

Solution Guide:12.7 review key

Unit 12 Test: May 20th


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