Mathematical Art

This is what a finished spiral looks like.

Math Art Syllabus                                    Math Art Gallery

Four Color Problem


Blank Coloring Page



Optical Illusions

Optical Illusion Examples


Cube Cut Out Assignment    cube template          Sphere Pop Out Assignment 

*put your light source in the UPPER LEFT CORNER*

Make a 3D Optical Illusion Hand for extra credit.


Escher’s  Art: Tessellations and Impossible Geometry 

About Escher             Escher Video 

Tessellation Info

Creating your own Abstract Escher Tessellation 

Tessellation Mastery Task  

Impossible Geometry Spring Break Assignment 

Hyperbolic Curves2016-03-08_1029

Hyperbolic Curves

Circle Patterns

 Creating Curves Activity 

Create Your Own Hyperbolic Curve Art –

Pythagoras, Fibonacci, and Mondrian

Spiral Of Theodorus 

Vi Hart’s Video on Pythagoras 

Pythagorean Spiral Task 



 Fibonacci Sequence  + The Golden Ratio 

Vi Hart’s Video on Fibonacci in Nature 

The Golden Ratio Task 

Image result for mondrian


Piet Mondrian 

Mondrian / Golden Ratio Task 



Image result for fractals hunting the hidden dimension

Fractal Movie    Cool Fractal Site   Fractal Examples 

HW: Color the Sierpeinski Triangle 

Class activity 

Create a Simple Fractal

Create a more Complex Fractal 



 Final Project Due June 13th!!!



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