Algebra Mastery

Algebra Mastery is the most important part of Algebra 1 at the iSchool!     Algebra is broken up into topics and learning targets.  Students will be given a mastery level  for each learning target.  Please check Jupitergrades to track individual student progress. The possible mastery levels are:

High Mastery –   student has total mastery of the material!

Mastery– student has understanding of the material, but may make a small mistake. Student may retake the assessment to earn high mastery if they wish, but do not need to complete the corrections activity.

Approaching Mastery – student has almost mastered the material, only needs a little more work.  Student may complete the corrections activity and retake the assessment if they desire higher mastery.

Low Mastery– student shows a basic understanding of the material but needs to complete the corrections activity and must retake the assessment.

No Mastery– student has not demonstrated mastery of the material.  Student must complete the corrections activity and must retake the assessment.

Please reference the class  Learning Targets document to get more information about the topics.

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