Bridge Building Daily Course Materials

Phase 1:  Bridge Basics 

Day 1: Intro to Class :  Syllabus + gum drop bridge challenge.  HW:  Use the internet to fill out Bridges Worksheet 1!

Day 2:  NYC Bridges Documentary (you tube video, must watch at home if absent) + Worksheet 2 documentary

Day 3:  Complete the following worksheets using the websites:

NYC DOT site  Worksheet 3 – DOT                  PBS site,Worksheet 4 – PBS

Day 4: Tacoma Narrows+Bridges of the World Mini Poster Assignment

Day 5: Quiz + work time on Posters

Day 6: Present Posters + Bridge Basics: Take notes on the first two sites,then explore the third.

25 Bridge Building Tips 

Different Truss Designs

Practice Truss Bridge Design

Phase 2: Design your Bridge 

Day 7: Building 101

Days 8-9:Bridge Building Software + Bridge Building Software Packet

Day 9: Design your Bridge and make Blueprints.  Bridge Design and Blueprint Guidelines

Phase 3: Build your Bridge 

Days 8-21 : Build your bridge!

Phase 4: Break your Bridge 

Peer Evaluations: students grade each other’s bridge designs.

After school:  Bridge Breaking Info

FINAL: turn in: Final Project Report,  1 copy of Blueprints and Data Page

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