Critical Thinking in Psychology 2016

Critical Thinking in Psychology

Intro Materials:

CT Psych Syllabus        Area of Focus Video           Area of Focus Materials

 Online Text Book                  Basketball Pass Video

Class 1:  Intro to class.  HW:  Complete brainstorming 1 for next class.

Class 2 :  The Marshmallow Test  + Basic Experiment Design

Class 3: 6 amazing psychological studies!

April 15th – Ms P is Absent – email with any questions.  Read Chapter 1.   Answer ALL the  review questions(seriously, answer them all) and be prepared to discuss the Critical Thinking questions in class on Monday- remember you will be graded on your class participation!

Research and Experimental Design 

Class 5: Quiz over chapter 1 + discussion questions.

Class 6: Analyzing Quiz Data Activity  HW: finish up to section 6.

Class 7:  Finish Data Analysis

Spring Break:

  1. Watch this TED TALK on GRIT   and answer the following questions- be prepared to discuss when we get back

a. What do you think Grit means?

b. On a scale of 1-10- how gritty are you?

c. What kind of questions do you think Angela Lee Duckworth asked her subjects to determine if they had grit?

d. Why do you think people with more grit are more likely to do well in life?

e. Do you think it’s possible to teach someone grit? How?

2. Read sections 2.2 and 2.3 

Learning, Conditioning and Memory

Jim’s Mint Experiment on The Office , Learned Behavior Video 

Genie: Secret of the Wild Child Documentary (YouTube)

Development, Intelligence and Personality

Nature vs Nurture video + Debate Information – Debate will be May 16th!

Psychological Disorders and Treatments

Psychological Disorders Activity 


After Finishing brainstorming 1 ,2, 3 and  4 each student needs to make a copy of CRITICAL THINKING FINAL  OUTCOME  and complete it by June 9th.  You need to have the form at the end submitted by June  12th.

You will be sharing your final question and ideas with the class on June 10th and 13th,  please complete YOUR SLIDE ONLY of hte FINAL PRESENTATION SLIDES


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