About Ms. P.

Hi!  Ms. P. is short for Sarah Prendergast!  I grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland where I attended South High School in Willoughby.   I was a math nerd all though school but also played varsity softball and volleyball, was a member of the National Honor Society and spent my time going to concerts and working at starbucks.   I worked very hard in high school and was the valedictorian of my class.

After high school I attended Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio.  Kenyon is a very small private college in the middle of nowhere- as in, there are corn fields around campus- and I loved it!  At Kenyon I studied Mathematics and Religious Studies.   I met some amazing people and made wonderful memories.   I also spend a lot of time in college volunteering at local elementary schools working with kids and during the summers I worked at an academic summer camp- The Summer Institute for the Gifted teaching math and physics!


After graduating from college I accepted a Math for America Teaching Fellowship and moved to New York City to start my masters at New York University  in Math Education.  I was lucky enough to be randomly placed as a student teacher at the iSchool and I’ve never looked back!   After student teaching at the iSchool I was hired as a full time math teacher in 2010 and have been there ever since!

I love the iSchool and can’t imagine teaching anywhere else.  The school has become my second home, the teachers – my friends and the students – my kids! It’s an amazing place.  I teach mostly Algebra 1 with some other amazing electives mixed in including: Bridge Building,  Pop Up Design, Paper Engineering, Critical Thinking in Psychology, Personal Finance, Mathematical Art and a short stint of a Math in the Movies Module.   I am also the Senior Project Coordinator, I love seeing what the seniors come up with each year!!

Pi Day 2013gradation

Personally, I live in Manhattan with my husband, Zach and our pup Murph!   My spare time is spent playing softball and volleyball, cooking fancy things (and baking for my students), making crafty paper art, riding my bike, going to costco, reading and binge watching new tv shows.

IMG_6363photo 3945016_659701480925_389508288_nmurphphotozWedding at Keyon College

Reach Ms. Prendergast at sprendergast@nycischool.org

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