About the NYC iSchool

The NYC iSchool is a small, public high school in lower Manhattan. Founded in 2008, the school is based on a belief that students should be working on developmentally appropriate, interdisciplinary, real-world work.

With this in mind the teachers at the iSchool create and teach Modules –  courses like Sixteen, iNews, Medical Mysteries, and Poetry Cafe-  in which the students work collaboratively to engage in real world like scenarios to execute a final product that has an outside, authentic audience.

Students also take traditional classes- like Algebra, US History and Writing,  as well as quarter long elective classes- like Bridge Building, Paper Engineering, Shakespeare, Robotics, Physics of Super Heroes, Painting NYC etc-.

Our school has a strong advisory program, where groups of 10-15 students are paired with one teacher and stay with that teacher through their four years at the iSchool.  Advisors act as advocates for their advisees, cheerleaders, homework helpers, as well as other rolls.


Check out this gallery of real iSchool students and what they say is their favorite part of the iSchool:

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