This is the introductory unit to Algbera 1 at the iSchool.  This unit will go over the basics of Algebra as a review of very important pre-algebra skills.   This unit is a REVIEW and therefore all students should be able to master all topics and earn high grades!

Lesson 0:  Welcome to Algebra 1 with Ms. Prendergast 

Homework:  Parents and Students together should watch the WELCOME VIDEO and sign the slip at the bottom of the Syllabus !    Please get your algebra binder ready for class by the end of the week!

Lesson 1.1: Big Foot Problem Solving 

1.1 Class Notes

Homework:  Watch video 1.1 over Order of Operations. Remember, you must take notes over the video and complete the example and practice problems. If you do not bring notes to our next class you will lose points and may not be able to participate in that lesson’s activity! You also need to complete HW 1.1

Lesson 1.2: What are the different types of Numbers? 

1.2 Class Notes   Homework:  Watch video 1.2 over fractions (make sure you take notes!) and complete  HW 1.2

If you still need a little more help, check out this Fraction Review site.

Lesson 1.3:  Fraction Review 

1.3 notes            Homework:  Watch video 1.3 over decimals and percents (and take notes!) and complete HW 1.3

Lesson 1.4: Percents Review

1.4 class notes              HW:  Watch video 1.4  over rates (it says regents review, it’s okay and there is no part 2, just watch this one video)  and complete HW 1.4,

Lesson 1.5: Rates Review 

1.5 notes:   HW: Complete 1.5 hw

Lesson 1.6:  Unit Review 

Homework:  Complete as much as the Unit 1 Review Packet  as you can! The questions on the test will be very similar to the review sheet!  Check your work with the 1.6 review solution guide!  You should also go back and re-watch any videos from this unit!

Your last day to turn in late homework from unit 1 is the day of the test!


Homework:  Complete the SEQ Pre-Test  and the unit 1 reflection for class on monday.

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