Video Library

Below is a list of videos over algebra content by unit.   If you see a typo in a video, please let me know! Or if you would like a video over a topic not listed here!  


Unit 1: Beat the Basics 

 Number Sense – 

Fractions – Fraction Review

Percents  – Decimal and Percents Review 


Unit 2: Solving Equations  

SEQ gateway- Solving Equations Gateway

Modeling –

Literal Equations- 

Unit 3: Graphing Linear Functions  

Graphing Lines-  Slope Video,  Finding the slope Algebraically,  Horizontal and Vertical Lines 

Writing linear functions- Putting an equation in Slope-Intercept Form,  Writing from a Graph, Writing from the slope and one point, Writing from two points,  Writing an equation from a Parallel or Perpendicular Line 

Linear Modeling-  

Linear Function Notation- 



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