Mastery Retakes

If you have not demonstrated mastery on an assessment you have the opportunity to re-do that quiz, test, or poster to show you understand the material and earn a higher grade.   Re-submissions should be done in a timely matter as to now fall behind in the course, but additional mastery can be shown for any topic and any point in the year.

If you did not earn mastery on a QUIZ:  you do not need to do corrections.  Just look over the quiz and the material it covers. When you are ready to retake the quiz please come see Ms. P. during office hours to retake the exact same quiz.

If you did not earn mastery on a TEST:

If you earned Approaching, Low or No Mastery on a topic you must complete the Corrections Activity   for that topic before you can take a re-assessment. You should use the  Solution Guide for the test to help you, you can also watch videos from the Mastery Video Library!.   Once you have completed the corrections activity, bring your original test and corrections to office hours to show Ms. P. If you  have completed the activity correctly, you will be given a re-assessment to demonstrate a higher level of mastery on.

Please email Ms. P. if you have any questions regarding this process. 

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