Mastery Topics: Videos and Worksheets

Q1 Topic Video Worksheet
UNIT 1: BEAT THE BASICS Order of Operations + Signed Numbers

Number Types

Order of Operations

Number Types Site



Fractions Fraction Review Worksheet
Percents Basic Percents Review

Decimals and Percents

Rates Rates Review  + Unit Rate Worksheet
UNIT 2: SOLVING EQUATIONS Solving Equation Video: Gateway Worksheet
Modeling with Equations video Worksheet
Properties of Equations examples


Practice1,   Practice 2
Graphing Lines + Slope Intro to the Slope of a line

Finding the Slope Algebraically 

Graphing lines not in y-=mx+b

Horizontal and Vertical Lines

Unit 3: Linear Functions Writing Equations of Lines Writing the Equation from a graph  

Writing the Equation   1 point+slope                                                         Writing the equation from 2 points

Writing the equation using Parallel and Perpendicular lines 

Linear Modeling






Q2 Topic Videos Worksheet
UNIT 4: Linear Inequalities 1 variable Inequalities 1 var ineq

Compound Ineq

1 Var Inequalities
2 variable inequalities 2 Variable Ineq

Horizontal and Vertical Inequalities

2 Var Inequalities
Modeling and Functions of Inequalities  video Modeling and Functions with Inequalities
Unit 5: Linear Systems Graphically Solving Systems Graphing systems of equations graphing systems of inequalities Worksheet
Algebraically Solving Systems substitution


Modeling  and Functions Modeling with systems Worksheet
Unit 6: Exponential and Radical Expressions Exponent Laws Multiplication Law of Exponents Video

Division Law of Exponents Video

Power of a Power Law of Exponents Video

Negative Law of Exponents Video

Zero Exponent Law Video

Exponential Growth and Decay Growth and Decay video worksheet
Radicals  intro to radicalsadding and subtracting

Multiplying Radicals

Dividing Radicals

rationalizing the denominator

Q3 Topic Videos Worksheet
UNIT 7: POLYNOMIALS Naming Polys Naming Polys Video Worksheet
Add/Sub Polys worksheet
Mult/Div Polys Multiplying Polys Video– Double Dist.

Box Method

MultDiv Polys
UNIT 8: FACTORING Factoring GCF –Factoring

Diamond- Factoring

DOTS- Factoring

ACGC Factoring

2 Step- Factoring

ALL Factoring Review
UNIT 9: QUADRATIC FUNCTIONS Solving Quadratic Equations Solving by Factoring

Solving by Completing the Square

Solving using the Quad. Formula

Solving Quadratics
Parabolas Graphing Parabolas

Finding the Vertex,  Roots and AOS

 Q4 Topic Videos Worksheet
UNIT 10: DATA ANALYSIS Histograms and Scatterplots Histograms and Scatterplots Work sheet -Data 1
Measures of Central Tendency and Box and Whisker Plots  MCT + B+W Plots

Data Shifts  

Data Types, Bias and Percentiles Data Types  + Bias


UNIT 11: ALGEBRAIC FRACTIONS / RATIONAL EXPRESSIONS Algebraic Fractions Evaluating, Finding Excluded Values

Simplifying Video 


Multiplying Dividing

UNIT 12: OPPERATIONS WITH FUNCTIONS Graphing, Shifting, domain and range Families, vs Relations, Functions Functions
Systems of functions  Quad Linear System

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