Unit 3 Linear Functions

Lesson 3.1: Intro to Lines Class Notes:3.1 notes HW:  Watch Video 3.1 over Finding the Slope algebraically and complete HW 3.1


*To find the slope algebraically you can use either version of the slope formula!!!*

Lesson 3.2: What is the equation of a line? 

Class notes: 3.2 notes

HW:  Watch Video 3.2 over graphing a line not in slope intercept form and take notes! Then complete 3.2 hw

Lesson 3.3: Quiz + Horizontal + Vertical Lines 

Class Notes:    3.3 notes                 Worksheet: 3.3 Classwork   +  Extra Video over Horizontal /Vertical lines. 

Hw:  Watch Video 3.3 Over writing the equation of a line given the graph and complete 3.3 HW

Lesson 3.4: Writing the equation of a Line 

Class Notes: 3.4 notes    Extra Help Videos: Writing equations type 2, type 3 

HW: 3.4 hw

Lesson 3.5: More Writing the equation of a Line Lesson

Class Notes:3.5 notes   Extra Help Videos:  Writing equations type 4

HW: 3.5 hw + review for your quiz! It will cover writing equations type 1, type 2, type 3 and type 4

3.6: Quiz +What Happens When 

Notes: 3.6 notes

HW:  complete 3.6 hw  and work on TEST CORRECTIONS.   Unit 2 mastery retakes should be done by thursday, october 30th!

3.7: Linear Modeling 

notes: 3.7 notes

HW:  Finish the Modeling Worksheet from class.

3.8: Linear Functions with a Calculator!

Class Notes.        Class worksheet

HW: Complete 3.8 hw

Lesson 3.9: Unit Review 


HOMEWORK: complete as much as the Review Packet as you feel necessary!  Check the answer key  if you’re stuck!

Watch these videos to review for your test:

Intro to the Slope of a line                                                       Finding the Slope Algebraically 

Graphing lines not in slope-intercept form                         Horiztonal and Vertical Lines

Writing the Equation from a graph                                      Writing the Equation from 1 point + slope 

Writing the equation from 2 points

Writing the equation using Parallel and Perpendicular lines 

Lesson 3.10: Linear Function Unit Test 

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