Unit 4: Inequalities

Lesson 4.1 Introduction to Inequalities

Here are the 4.1 Class Notes.

Homework: watch and take video notes over video 4.1, also complete 4.1 HW, both due tomorrow (Friday).

Lesson 4.2 Solving and Modeling 1 variable Inequalities 

4.2 Class Notes

Homework: finish worksheet you started in class AND do 4.2 HW.

There will be a QUIZ Monday over 4.1 and 4.2.

Lesson 4.3  QUIZ + Compound Inequalities 

4.3 Notes

Homework: Video 4.3 and 4.3 HW.

Lesson 4.4:  Two Variable Inequalities 

Homework: 4.4. HW Assessment Sheet

Rubric for Mastery Assignment: 4.4 HW Assessment Rubric

Extra Help Video on Graphing Horizontal and Vertical Inequalities

Lesson 4.5 Modeling with Two Variable Inequalities 

Class Notes: 4.5 Inequalities Task Notes

Homework: 4.5 HW

Lesson 4.6: Functions and Models of Inequalities 

4.6 class notes.

Homework:   Complete the worksheet 4.6from class.

Lesson 4.7 Inequalities Unit Review

HW: Complete the Inequality Review: inequality review part 1inequality Review part 2 and check with the answer keys: part 1 keypart 2 key

Lesson 4.8 Inequalities TEST 

The test will cover 4 mastery topics:  1 variable Inequalities, 2 variable Inequalities, Modeling with Inequalities and Solving Equations.


1. Complete BtB 4

2. Each student will receive 2 practice sheets over topics from the first quarter that they did not earn full mastery on.    You must review your topics by going back and looking through notes, watching old videos or looking at old homeworks and Complete both practice sheets.  The first day back from back you will be able to take a MASTERY RETAKE over your topics to regain some mastery!

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