Unit 5: Systems of Linear Functions

Lesson 5.1  Graphing Systems of Linear Equations 

Classnotes:5.1 notes

Worksheet from Class : 5.1 Classwork

Homework:  Watch Video 5.1 and take video notes! And complete 5.1 HW

Lesson 5.2 Graphical Solutions Poster

5.2 notes. Homework:  5.2 Homework

Lesson 5.3: MINIQUIZ + Solving Systems with Calculators 


Worksheet: Homework: Complete 5.3 HW

Lesson 5.4: Solving Systems using Substitution

Class Notes: 5.4 Class Notes

Homework: 5.4 HW Need to see Substitution Method again? Watch Substitution Video.

Lesson 5.5: Solving Systems using Elimination

Class Notes: 5.5 Elimination Alg E Homework: HW 5.5

Lesson 5.6: More Elimination 

Classnotes:  5.6 notes Homework:   HW 5.6 Quiz tomorrow!  Watch this SUBSTITUTION video and ELIMINATION video to help review! For extra help see this step-by-step solving of a model substitution and model elimination problem.

Lesson 5.7:  QUIZ!  + Modeling with systems!

Homework:   Complete the Modeling Worksheet from class, Here are the NOTES and  a modeling video if you want a little extra help!

Lesson 5.8: More Modeling

Class Notes: 5.8 Algebra E
Homework: Really Important!! 5.8 HW[A]

Lesson 5.9: Systems of Equations Modeling

Class Notes 5.9 Class Notes Alg C
Homework: Really Important!! 5.9 HW[C]

TASK Lesson 5.10  Systems of Equations Modeling Task 


Lesson 5.11:   Presentations + Review 

Review Packet –   review key

Watch Videos to help STUDY:   Substitution,  Elimination,  Graphing Equations, Graphing Inequalities,  Modeling.

Lesson 5.12- UNIT 5 TEST – Monday December 22nd!  winter break assignment

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