Senior Project Completion Page

We’re almost there! Senior Projects is almost done. We have ONE week until it will all be done!   This page should act as a CHECKLIST to help you complete senior projects successfully!

1.  Complete your project!   Check the RUBRIC to see if your work is high quality and the FINAL PRESENTATION page for more specific presentation information.

2. Fill out the Final Project Form  during your first class session this week.

3. Turn in your final work by NOON on TUESDAY January 26th (ALL PROJECTS TYPES) to Ms. P in room 404

4. Make sure your WORK LOG is updated with about 50 hours of documented work by noon on tuesday January 26th!

5. Attend your presentation day and your Evaluation day!

Tuesday, January 26th , Wednesday January 27th, Thursday January 28th

All three nights will be at the Downtown Community Television Center from 4pm – 6pm only ten minutes from the iSchool!   

*you must be there from 3:30- 6:30 on your presentation day!*

*you must be there for the entire  4-6pm time on your evaluation day!*


6.  Evaluate 4 of your peers  with the Peer Evaluation Sheet.  Check your email to see who you need to evaluate.

7.  Fill out the peer evaluation form for all three of your peers by 8am on Sunday January 31st!

8. Complete the FINAL REFLECTION for senior projects by 8am on Sunday January 31st!

9.Rejoice and be so proud of yourself for accomplishing this HUGE task!

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