Unit 7: Polynomial Expressions

Lesson 7.1 Adding and Subtracting Polynomials

7.1 notes.    7.1 hw:  Watch video 7.1  and complete 7.1 HW

Lesson 7.2: Multiplying Polys

7.2 notes   homework:  complete 7.2 hw

Need some extra help? Check out these videos:  Double Distribution,   Box Method.

Lesson 7.3: Dividing Polys 

7.3 notes.  Homework:  Complete 7.3 hw

Lesson 7.4: Review/Shapes Activity 

Finish the shapes activity from class for hw.   Answer Key  for the Review Page.

Lesson 7.5: Unit 7 TEST. 

HW: Beat the Basics 7

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