Unit 8: Factoring

Lesson 8.1: Intro to Factoring 

Watch all 4 of the following videos and take notes!  After you watch each video, complete the part of the 8.1 intro to factoring.

Video 1:  GCF Factroing

Video 2: Diamond Factoring

Video 3: DOTS factoring

Video 4:ACGC Factoring


Lesson 8.2: Quiz + 2 Step Factoring! 

Class Notes     HW:8.2 HW+Don’t forget to do Ms. Shube’s SURVEY!!!

Lesson 8.3:  More Factoring Practice! 

8.3 notes   HW: Finish 8.3  practice packet!

Lesson 8.4: Reviewing the different types of Factoring 

8.4 notes   HW: Finish your factoring flip book!

Lesson 8.5:  Quiz + More Practice! 

HW: complete 8.5 HW – check odd answers!

Lesson 8.6: Factoring Shapes Poster

8.6 notes     HW: 8.6 HW

Lesson 8.7: Delta Math

Please complete the 8.7 assignment on deltamath.com  by 10pm on march 3rd.

*if you need to make an account use teacher code:  426072*

Lesson 8.8: Review Stations

Use the review sheets from class today to help prepare for your test!

Unit 8 Review HW + REVIEW HW KEY

* You must bring a COMPLETE Factoring Flipbook to class tomorrow if you want to use it on your test!

Lesson 8.9: UNIT 8 TEST

hw: Beat the Basics 8

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