Pop-Up Design

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The Magic Moment of Pop Up

Pop Ups: Not just for Kids Video

What goes into creating a Pop Up Book Video

Pop Up Design Syllabus

PHASE 1: PROTOTYPE [7  days]

Each student will complete a prototype booklet with AT LEAST 7 PAGES using the Elements of Pop Up. 

  • 5-6  CHOICE mechanism pages, each page must have a different pop up mechanism from The Elements of Pop Up (This includes the TENT and TOWER we did together) 
  • 1 simple wheel
  • 1 simple pull tab
  •  Optional: 1 simple circuit OR Silhouette Paper Cut Object
  • The booklet should be bound using glue and book binding tape and fitted with a cover.
  • All pages should be made of white, light yellow or light blue card stock and the original page size should be 1/4 a sheet of paper.

PHASE 2: DESIGN [ ~3 days]

Each student will design their own Pop Up Book.

Pop Up Design Doc         Blank Layout Page         Final Pop Up Book Rubric

  • The Pop Up Book should be 8-12 pages long with at least 8 different mechanisms from The Elements of Pop Up. Every page of the book should have some element of design, there should be NO ‘regular’ pages with just words and or pictures.
  • The design must include 1 pull tab or wheel in addition to the 6 other mechanisms.
  • The design should have 1 light up components AND/OR 1 silhouette cut item.
  • You may choose to incorporate 1 pop up from Robert Sabuda DIY
  • STORY:  each book should have a story- a poem or short story that can be told in 8-12 pages- think children’s book style.
  • LAYOUT- each student should submit a layout that shows what each page will look like. What words will be on the page, what pop up mechanism will be on the page and any other artistic elements. The original page size should be between 1/2 – 1 sheet of paper.

Phase 3 : Create [~15 days] 

Each student will create their own Pop Up Book based on their design.   The book needs to be complete for our Book Fair on_______ .  Each student will be peer evaluating 2 other books as well as a self evaluation.

PopUp Paper By the end of the quarter- each student must turn in a 2 paged, double spaced paper that answers the questions below. The paper should be in paragraph format and should be well written and edited.   A hard copy needs to be turned in _____

  1. Describe the pop-up book you created.
  2. Describe your process of creating your pop up book.
  3. What was the most challenging part of creating your pop up book?
  4. Describe a problem you overcame to create your book.
  5. If you had two more weeks to work on your book, what changes would you make?
  6. How could the class be improved?

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