Unit 9: Quadratic Functions

Lesson 9.1: Solving Quadratics with Factoring

Do Deltamath 9.1 for extra practice!

9.1 notes    HW 9.1

Lesson 9.2: Solving Quadratics with Completing the Square

9.2 notes      HW 9.2

Lesson 9.3: Solving Quadratics with the Quadratic Formula

9.3 notes     HW 9.3  – quiz next class will cover all 3 types of quad. problems!

Lesson 9.4: Mini QUIZ  over solving quadratics!

HW:  Complete HW 9.4 on Deltamath.com

Lesson 9.5: Graphing Quadratic Equations 

9.5 Notes.  HW: finish 9.5 graphing quads activity.

Lesson 9.6:  What are the important parts of a parabola? 

9.6 notes,  hw 9.6

Lesson 9.7 : MINI QUIZ over graphing parabolas 

HW: Deltamath!

Lesson 9.8: How can we model with quadratic equations? 

9.8 notes, HW 9.8  9.8 hw key

Lesson 9.9: Quadratics TEST part 1- OPEN NOTES!

You will be permitted to use your notes and a calculator on this part of the test! Be sure to bring all your notes with you!  

Lesson 9.10: QUADRATIC Test part 2 – Closed Notes

Mastery Topics:  Solving Quadratic Equations,  Parabolas

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