Unit 10: Data Analysis


Data Analysis 1–  Histograms and Scatter Plots

Data Analysis 2 – Measures of Central Tendency and Box and Whisker Plots

Data Analysis 3   – Data Shifts

Data Analysis 4 – Data Types + Bias

Data Analysis 5- Percentiles

You need to complete the 10.0 Spring Break Packet for Monday April 13th.  You should  take notes over each video in the packet! There will be a quiz over this material when we get back from break!

Lesson 10.1: Review

We will go over the spring break packet and there will be a short QUIZ over the material.

HW: 10.1 hw

Lesson 10.2: Datapalooza

Students will be practicing making different types of graphs in small groups! datapalooza

HW Finish the poster!

Lesson 10.3: Linear Regression

Students will be learning about linear regression using the calculator.

HW: 10.3 HW

Lesson 10.4: Review

Complete the Unit 10 Review Packet.   review key.

Lesson 10.5: Unit 10 Test

Master Topics:

Historgrams + Scatterplots

Measures of Central Tendency + Box and Whisker Plots

Data Types, Bias and Percentiles

HW: BtB 10

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