Unit 5: Linear Systems

Lesson 5.1: Graphically  Solving Linear Systems 

5.1 notes    5.1 Classwork   Review Video  (only watch if you were absent or need help on what we did in class)

HW:  Watch Video 5.1 and TAKE NOTES! and complete5.1 HW


Lesson 5.2:  Solving More Systems Graphically 

5.2 Notes     5.2 activity

HW: Complete 5.2 Homework

Lesson 5.3: QUIZ + Solving Systems with  your Calculator

HW: Delta Math!

Lesson 5.4:  Solving Systems with Substitution 

5.4 notes.   5.4 notes sheet     Extra help reivew video: substitution 

HW:  Please complete 5.4 hw

Lesson 5.5:  Solving Systems with Elimination 

5.5 NOTES      Extra help review video: elimination

HW:  complete 5.5 hw

Lesson 5.6: More Solving Systems, when to chose the right method!

5.6 .notes

Review Videos:substitution elimination

HW: 5.6 hw  + Study for your quiz!

Lesson 5.7: QUIZ + Modeling with Systems 

5.7 notes      5.7 Classwork   Extra help Video: Modeling with systems

HW:  Complete the 5.7 classwork sheet.

Lesson 5.8:  Modeling Problem Day 

HW:  complete:  5.8 HW

Lesson 5.9 : The Cycle Shop Task

Students will work on the The Cycle Shop Task in class

HW: Complete All parts of A + B

Lesson 5.10: Systems Task 

We will be working on parts C + D in class

HW: Finish Part D + E

Lesson 5.11: Present Cycle Task + Review 

HW: Finish the unit 5 review.    Use the  answer keyto check your work!

Watch Videos to help STUDY:

ALGEBRAIC SOLUTIONS:Substitution,  Elimination,

GRAPHICAL SOLUTIONS:  Graphing Equations, Graphing Inequalities,


Unit 5 Test: FRIDAY DECEMBER 18th 

Complete BtB 5 over the weekend!

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