Unit 12: Operations with Functions

Lesson 12.1: Graphing ALL Functions + Families 

12. 1 notes    HW 12.1

Lesson 12.2 Functions Practice + Shifts

Log on to your Deltamath.com page and complete the May 5th assignment.   This is due by 10pm on may 5th!

Check out this SHIFTS page for a little more review if you’re stuck!

Lesson 12.3:  More Shifting

12.3 notes  HW 12.3

Lesson 12.4 Graphing Functions  + Domain and Range 

12.4 notes  12.4 hw

Lesson 12.5 –  Functions QUIZ  + Solving Systems Graphically 

HW:  complete 12.5 worksheet that we started in class!

Lesson 12.6 – Solving Systems of Functions Algebraically

12.6 notes  12.6 hw

Lesson 12.7 More Systems!

12.7 notes      12.7 hw

Lesson 12.8 QUIZ + Extraneous Solutions 

12.8 ALG A notes  12.8 ALG C notes   12.8 worksheet–  finish for homework!

Lesson 12.9 – Functions Review 

Review Key

Lesson 12.10: Functions Test – May 19th

hw: Beat the Basics 12

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