Social Psychology Experiment

1. Do some preliminary research on the following social psychology ideas:

a. The Bystander Effect

b.  The Halo Effect

c. Social Conformity

d. Chameleon Effect

2. As a class we will draft the effects to know which one you will  be working on.

3. Brainstorm ways that you could carry out a psychological experiment on this effect on your own given your resources and environment and ethics.

4. Complete the SOCIAL PSYCH EXPERIMENT DESIGN google doc  by June 3rd.

5. Read Ms. Ps comments on June 4th!

6. Carry out your experiment.  Make sure you take notes, pictures, and or video by June 11th! You will be sharing your experiment with the other students in your group on the 11th!

7. Complete the Social Psych Experiment Report doc. You need a rough draft of the report done for class on June 11th- you will he sharing it with the other students who did the same effect as you did.

8.  Work with the other kids in your group to make a GOOGLE PRESENTATION on your effect. All group members need to participate in making the slides and the presentations on Monday June 15th. The presentation should include the following :

a. an intro page with information about the effect

b. a slide for each person in the group. Each person should present their experiment. (do not include results on this page)

c. A results page-  this page should have the results for all of the students and the group should compare and contrast the results.

d. Conclusion page – what can your group conclude from all of the experiments?

e. Better Experiment Design- work together to design 1 more experiment on this effect. Now that everyone in the group has done the experiment, what would you do differently? How can you make it better.

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