Unit 10: Algebraic Fractions

Lesson 10.1: Intro to Algebraic Fractions

10.1 notes                      HW 10.1

Extra Help Videos:  Evaluating, Finding Excluded Values    Simplifying Video 

Lesson 10.2: Adding and Subtracting 

10.2 notes  HW:  Finish 10.2 Practice  from class

Lesson 10.3: Multiplying and Dividing 

10.3 notes                      10.3 HW

Lesson 10.4: Practice with Algebraic Fractions

In Class: Complete the 10.4 Deltamath assignment by 11pm on Tuesday March 29th.   HW 10.3 will be checked on Wednesday!

You can also use class time to work on corrections or test retakes from Kacey.

Lesson 10.5: Review of Algebraic Fractions 

HW:  Complete at least 10 problems from the 10.5 Review HW– you should do at least 1 problem in each section.

10.5 review key

Unit 10 Test:  Wednesday April 30th

HW: Beat the Basics 10

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