Unit 6: Exponents + Radicals

Lesson 6.0- WINTER BREAK ASSIGNMENT– you will have a QUIZ over this material the first day back from break! Watch ALL 5 of these videos and take minimal notes (you don’t have to write EVERYTHING down, but you should jot some stuff down!) Multiplication Law of Exponents Video

Division Law of Exponents Video

Power of a Power Law of Exponents Video

Negative Law of Exponents Video

Zero Exponent Law Video

Complete Intro to Exponents Packet (handed out in class) also, dont forget Beat the Basics 5

Lesson 6.1 –  QUIZ +Review of Exponent Laws

There will be a QUIZ on monday, January 5th, over the videos from winter break! 6.1 Notes: 6.1 Review of Laws Alg C  / 6.1 Class Notes Algebra E                             6.1 HW

Lesson 6.2 : Exponent Laws 

Class Notes: 6.2 Alg C     6.2 More Exponents Alg E

HW:  Complete 6.2 HW for our next class.  If you need more help, go back and rewatch the videos from the winter break assignment.

Lesson 6.3: Exponent Laws review game 

Class Notes: 6.3 notes

Homework:  Watch Video 6.3: Growth and Decay and take notes! Then complete 6.3 HW

Lesson 6.4: Exponential Growth and Decay

Class notes:6.4 notes,   +     6.4 class worksheet

Homework:  Finish the class worksheet + complete 6.4 HW and study for quiz monday!

Lesson 6.5 QUIZ + Simplifying Radicals

Class Notes: 6.5 Quiz and Radicals Alg C, Alg C Classwork and Answers: 6.5 Radicals Classwork. Want extra help? Watch Intro to Radicals

Homework:Video (take notes): VN 6.5        Homework: 6.5 HW

Lesson 6.6: Multiplying and Dividing Radicals

Alg C Class Notes: 6.6 Multiplying and Dividing Radicals Alg C,
Alg E Class Notes: 6.6 Class Notes Jan 14 Algebra E
Extra video help on Dividing Radicals and Multiplying Radicals

Homework: First watch video and take Notes: Video 6.6 then do  6.6 HW
uiz coming on Friday and Unit Test next week, make sure you are caught up!

Lesson 6.7: Simplifying Algebraic Radicals

Class Notes:6.7 notes   + Video if you need another look!

HW: Complete HW 6.7 and study for your quiz tomorrow over all radical stuff!

Lesson 6.8: Quiz + Graphing Exponent and Radical Functions

Class notes: 6.8 notes

Homework: Complete the 6.8 Graphing Functions sheet you got in class.

Lesson 6.9  M&M Lab and Review

Class Notes: 6.9 M&M Lab Alg C
Homework: Complete the M&M Lab including the Review Sheet page 4.
Review Answer Key:  6.9 Review Answer Key.
Answers to HW6.8 – use these to prepare for your test Thursday!
Prepare for Unit 6 Test tomorrow, Thursday!

Lesson 6.10: Unit 6 Test 

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