Unit 2: Solving Equations

Lesson 2.1: Modeling with Expressions and Equations  

2.1 notes   2.1 modeling worksheet

Homework:  Complete 1 or 2 Levels of  the SOLVING EQUATIONS GATEWAY

Lesson 2.2: Combining Like Terms

2.2 notes  Dubois puzzle worksheet

Homework:  Complete 2 Levels of the gateway and takes notes over the Properties of Numbers! (these properties will be on the quiz!)  Here is a great site that shows some hints to remember the properties,  and here is an online quiz you can do to see if you know the properties!

Lesson 2.3:  Quiz and Literal Equations 

2.3 notes                            literal equations practice

Homework:  Finish the Literal Equations Practice sheet from class and complete 1 or 2 Levels of the gateway.   If you need to work on test corrections please see the Mastery Retake Info page.


 Today in class all students will be working on test corrections and retakes for any missing or low mastery.

HW: Finish corrections, prepare for retakes, catch up on gateway!

Lesson 2.5:  Solving Proportions- When can we Cross Multiply?

2.5 notes     2.5 What Went Wrong worksheet

Homework:  Complete 1   Level of the gateway and complete test corrections if you need to!

Lesson 2.6:  Solving Equations with Fractions

2.6 notes            Fraction practice problems with answers

Homework:  Try to finish as much of the gateway as possible. The entire gateway is due Friday, October 16th.

Lesson 2.7: More Modeling

2.7 notes   More Modeling Worksheet

Homework:  Complete gateway is due tomorrow!

Lesson 2.8: CSI Review Activity 

Homework: Complete the two Person Puzzles from class:  Harvey Milk  and Bernard Kouchner

Lesson 2.9: Unit Review 

Students need to complete the Review Sheets that we started in class. Check your work with the  review solution guide  to help you study for your test!

Also, prepare for the unit 2 BINDER CHECK!

Unit 2: Solving Equations TEST-  Wednesday October 21st!

Homework:Beat the Basics 2!

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