Unit 4: Inequalities

Lesson 4.0: Review of Basic Inequalities 

All students must watch the Inequalities Review video and take NOTES for class on Wednesday, November 18th.

Lesson 4.1  More Review of Basic Inequalities

4.1 notes

HW: Students must complete the 4.1 Deltamath assignment and the 4.1 modeling sheet.

Lesson 4.2: Compound one variable inequalities 

4.2 notes

HW:  Finish the 4.2 Compound Inequality Gateway

Lesson 4.3: Linear Inequalities 

4.3 notes           4.3 note sheet

HW:  Complete 4.3 hw sheet.


Lesson 4.4 Inequality Functions

4.4 notes

HW: complete the 4.4pdf worksheet that we started in class today.    Here is the 4.4 key to check your work.


Unit 4 Test Wednesday November 25th 

This test will cover 3 mastery topics:

  • One Variable Inequalities ( solving and graphing simple inequalities and compound inequalities)
  • Two variable or Linear Inequalities- solving and graphing and answering function questions
  • Modeling with Inequalities (one and two variable models)

HW: Complete Beat the Basics 4 over the long Thanksgiving weekend.


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