Unit 6: Exponents and Radicals


you will have a QUIZ over this material the first day back from break! Watch ALL 5 of these videos and take notes

Multiplication Law of Exponents Video

Division Law of Exponents Video

Power of a Power Law of Exponents Video

Negative Law of Exponents Video

Zero Exponent Law Video

Complete Exponent Laws Packet (handed out in class) . The ENTIRE packet is due when we get back from break on January 4th. There will be a QUIZ on this material when we get back from break!


Lesson 6.1: Review of Basic Exponent Laws  + QUIZ

6.1 notes

HW:  Complete 6.1 HW and work on unit 5 test corrections.


Lesson 6.2: Challenge Practice with Exponent Laws 

6.2 notes

HW: Complete 6.2 hw

Lesson 6.3: Exponential Growth and Decay Formula 

6.3 notes  Extra Help Video:  Growth and Decay 

HW: complete 6.3 hw

Lesson 6.4  Introduction to simplifying Radicals 

Ms. P is absent today.   You will need to complete the following in class and finish for homework:

  1. Check your HW using the 6.3 hw key.  Circle anything you don’t understand and we will go over it on Monday.
  2. Watch this intro to radicals video and take notes!
  3. Complete 6.4 assignment on Delta Math  (due by 11pm on sunday night for BOTH sections!)


Lesson 6.5: More Radicals 

6.5 notes

HW: Complete 6.5 hw  + Study

Lesson 6.6: QUIZ + Simplifying algebraic Radicals 

6.6 notes    HW: 6.6 hw

Lesson 6.7: Multiplying/Dividing Radicals 

6.7 notes  HW: Finish worksheet from class: 6.7 multiplying dividing worksheet

Lesson 6.8: Adding/Subtracting Radicals 

6.8 notes  HW: Complete 6.8 Delta Math assignment

Lesson 6.9: Review

6.9 Review PacketReview Packet key

Unit 10 Test:  Algebra D: January 21st,  Algebra E: January 20th 

Mastery Topics:

  • Exponent Laws
  • Exponential growth and Decay
  • Radical Operations


HW: Beat the Basics 6


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