Unit 9: Quadratic Functions

Lesson 9.1: Intro to Solving Quadratics – Solving by Factoring 

9.2 notes  Extra Help Video: Solving Quadratics with Factoring 

HW: 9.1 HW

Lesson 9.2: Solving Quadratics by Completing the Square 

9.2 notes

HW: 9.2 HW

Lesson 9.3: Solving Quadratics with the Quadratic Equation 

9.3 notes              Quadratic Formula Song Video

HW: HW 9.3

Lesson 9.4: QUIZ + What solution method should we use?

9.4 notes

HW:9.4 HW

Lesson 9.5:Graphing Quadratic Parabolas

9.5 notes

HW: Finish the 9.5 graphing quads activity from class + do QUIZ CORRECTIONS

Lesson 9.6: Finding the Vertex and Axis of Symmetry Algebraically 

9.6 notes

HW: 9.6 hw

Lesson 9.7: Quiz + Quadratic Functions 

9.7 notes

HW: 9.7 hw

Lesson 9.8 Modeling with Quadratics 

9.8 notes

9.8 Quadratic Modeling HW

Lesson 9.9: Review of Quadratics!

9.9 notes

HW:  Create your unit 9 notecard and complete the QUADRATIC UNIT REVIEW

Review Key

Unit 9 Test: Friday March 18th

HW:Beat the Basics 9

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