Unit 5: Linear Systems

Lesson 5.1: Graphically  Solving Linear Systems 

5.1 notes    5.1 Classwork   Review Video  (only watch if you were absent or need help on what we did in class)

HW:  Watch Video 5.1 and TAKE NOTES! and complete5.1 HW


Lesson 5.2:  Solving More Systems Graphically 

5.2 Notes     5.2 activity

HW: Complete 5.2 Homework

Lesson 5.3: QUIZ + Solving Systems with  your Calculator

HW: Delta Math!

Lesson 5.4:  Solving Systems with Substitution 

5.4 notes.   5.4 notes sheet     Extra help reivew video: substitution 

HW:  Please complete 5.4 hw

Lesson 5.5:  Solving Systems with Elimination 

5.5 NOTES      Extra help review video: elimination

HW:  complete 5.5 hw

Lesson 5.6: More Solving Systems, when to chose the right method!

5.6 .notes

Review Videos:substitution elimination

HW: 5.6 hw  + Study for your quiz!

Lesson 5.7: QUIZ + Modeling with Systems 

5.7 notes      5.7 Classwork   Extra help Video: Modeling with systems

HW:  Complete the 5.7 classwork sheet.

Lesson 5.8:  Modeling Problem Day 

HW:  complete:  5.8 HW

Lesson 5.9 : The Cycle Shop Task

Students will work on the The Cycle Shop Task in class

HW: Complete All parts of A + B

Lesson 5.10: Systems Task 

We will be working on parts C + D in class

HW: Finish Part D + E

Lesson 5.11: Present Cycle Task + Review 

HW: Finish the unit 5 review.    Use the  answer keyto check your work!

Watch Videos to help STUDY:

ALGEBRAIC SOLUTIONS:Substitution,  Elimination,

GRAPHICAL SOLUTIONS:  Graphing Equations, Graphing Inequalities,


Unit 5 Test: FRIDAY DECEMBER 18th 

Complete BtB 5 over the weekend!

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Unit 4: Inequalities

Lesson 4.0: Review of Basic Inequalities 

All students must watch the Inequalities Review video and take NOTES for class on Wednesday, November 18th.

Lesson 4.1  More Review of Basic Inequalities

4.1 notes

HW: Students must complete the 4.1 Deltamath assignment and the 4.1 modeling sheet.

Lesson 4.2: Compound one variable inequalities 

4.2 notes

HW:  Finish the 4.2 Compound Inequality Gateway

Lesson 4.3: Linear Inequalities 

4.3 notes           4.3 note sheet

HW:  Complete 4.3 hw sheet.


Lesson 4.4 Inequality Functions

4.4 notes

HW: complete the 4.4pdf worksheet that we started in class today.    Here is the 4.4 key to check your work.


Unit 4 Test Wednesday November 25th 

This test will cover 3 mastery topics:

  • One Variable Inequalities ( solving and graphing simple inequalities and compound inequalities)
  • Two variable or Linear Inequalities- solving and graphing and answering function questions
  • Modeling with Inequalities (one and two variable models)

HW: Complete Beat the Basics 4 over the long Thanksgiving weekend.


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Unit 3: Linear Functions

Lesson 3.1:  Review of Basic Line Information 

Students will be creating a Deltamath.com log in.  Use  Teacher Code: 426072 to link to Ms. P’s classroom! 

  1. Watch this: Review of slope intercept form  video  and complete the review notes sheet.
  2. Watch this: Finding the slope using the formula Video   for the last part of the notes sheet.

3. Complete the 3.1 deltamath.com assignment for class and homework tonight.

4. Need a little extra help? Check out this review video:

Transforming equations from Standard from to Slope-Intercept form Video 

Lesson 3.2  Writing the Equation of a line

Ms P. will be absent today, Friday October 23rd.   Students should complete the following assignment in class and for homework over the weekend. The delta math assignment is due by 10pm on Sunday October 25th.


  1. Writing the equation of a line from one point and the slope  
  2. Writing the equation of a line from two points

B: Complete the Deltamath.com  3.2 assignment

Lesson 3.3: More practice with Writing the Equation of a line.  

3.3 notes

Students will be going over 9 skills and practicing in class today.

HW:   Finish the  line practice packet  and check the  KEY. You also should finish delta math 3.2 if you didn’t do it over the weekend.

Lesson 3.4: QUIZ + How can our calculators help us graph lines? 

After the quiz, students will be working on the  Calculator activity.  You will need to finish it for homework.    You can use this great online calculator to help you.

Lesson 3.5: Writing the equations of parallel and perpendicular lines

3.5 notes

Need some extra help? Watch this video: Writing the equation using Parallel and Perpendicular lines 

Homework: Complete 3.5 Deltamath

Lesson 3.6: Modeling with Linear Functions 

3.6 notes                 3.6 linear modeling worksheet

HW:  Finish the worksheet from class.   Complete any missing delta math!  Work on test corrections.  The quarter is over in 2 weeks!

Lesson 3.7 : CSI Review Activity

Homework:  Complete 3.7 Deltamath Review activity!!!

Lesson 3.8: Unit 3 Review 

Complete 3.8 review half sheets to review for your test tomorrow.  You should check the answer key !

Lesson 3.9: Unit 3: Linear Functions TEST 



HW: Beat the Basics 3

Mastery Topics:

Topic 1:  Graphing Lines and Slope:

Learning Target 1: Graph  a line given two points on the line

Learning Target 2: Graph a line given one point and the slope  of the line.

Learning Target 3:  Graph a line given the equation of the line in slope –intercept form.

Learning Target 4:  Graph a line given the equation not in slope intercept form.

Learning Target 5:  Find the slope of the line given the graph of the line.

Learning Target 6: Find the slope of the line given two points.

Topic 2: Writing the equations of Lines:

Learning Target 1:  Write the equation of  the line given its graph.

Learning Target 2:  Write the equation of the line given one point and the slope of the line.

Learning Target 3: Write the equation of the line given two points on the line.

Learning Target 4:  Write the equation of the line given the equation not in slope intercept form.

Learning Target 5:  Write the equation of a line given the formula of a parallel or perpendicular line.

Topic 3: Linear Functions and Modeling

Learning Target 1:  Use the relationship between a graph, a table and the equation of a function to answer questions

Learning Target 2:   Identify the zero of a linear function

Learning Target 3: Make inferences and connections given a linear model

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Unit 2: Solving Equations

Lesson 2.1: Modeling with Expressions and Equations  

2.1 notes   2.1 modeling worksheet

Homework:  Complete 1 or 2 Levels of  the SOLVING EQUATIONS GATEWAY

Lesson 2.2: Combining Like Terms

2.2 notes  Dubois puzzle worksheet

Homework:  Complete 2 Levels of the gateway and takes notes over the Properties of Numbers! (these properties will be on the quiz!)  Here is a great site that shows some hints to remember the properties,  and here is an online quiz you can do to see if you know the properties!

Lesson 2.3:  Quiz and Literal Equations 

2.3 notes                            literal equations practice

Homework:  Finish the Literal Equations Practice sheet from class and complete 1 or 2 Levels of the gateway.   If you need to work on test corrections please see the Mastery Retake Info page.


 Today in class all students will be working on test corrections and retakes for any missing or low mastery.

HW: Finish corrections, prepare for retakes, catch up on gateway!

Lesson 2.5:  Solving Proportions- When can we Cross Multiply?

2.5 notes     2.5 What Went Wrong worksheet

Homework:  Complete 1   Level of the gateway and complete test corrections if you need to!

Lesson 2.6:  Solving Equations with Fractions

2.6 notes            Fraction practice problems with answers

Homework:  Try to finish as much of the gateway as possible. The entire gateway is due Friday, October 16th.

Lesson 2.7: More Modeling

2.7 notes   More Modeling Worksheet

Homework:  Complete gateway is due tomorrow!

Lesson 2.8: CSI Review Activity 

Homework: Complete the two Person Puzzles from class:  Harvey Milk  and Bernard Kouchner

Lesson 2.9: Unit Review 

Students need to complete the Review Sheets that we started in class. Check your work with the  review solution guide  to help you study for your test!

Also, prepare for the unit 2 BINDER CHECK!

Unit 2: Solving Equations TEST-  Wednesday October 21st!

Homework:Beat the Basics 2!

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Unit 1: Beat the Basics

Lesson 1.0:  Welcome to Algebra!

Homework:  Parents and Students together should watch the WELCOME VIDEO and sign the RED slip saying you’ve looked at the Syllabus !   Next, please fill out the Algebra Information Form!  Please get your algebra binder ready for class by September 17th!

On your days off: Watch video 1.0, a review of fractions, you must take notes over the video and complete the example and practice problems. If you do not bring notes to our next class you will lose points and may not be able to participate in that lesson’s activity! You also need to complete HW 1.0, a review of order of operations and fractions.  You can use a calculator to show your work, but you should be able to complete this work by hand and show all of your work!

Lesson 1.1: Fraction Review and Number Types 

Class Notes: 1.1 Notes

Homework:  Watch Video 1.1 over Percents and take notes!  CompleteHW 1.1 for class on thursday!  Make sure you get your algebra binder for friday!

Lesson 1.2:  Percent Problems 

Class Notes: 1.2 notes

Homework:  Watch video 1.2 over Rates (it says regents review, that’s okay, just watch it anyway! Also, there is NO PART 2- that’s from the regents review too… sorry for any confusion!) and complete HW 1.2 for friday. Don’t forget to get your binder!! 🙂

Lesson 1.3: Rates Problems

Class Notes: 1.3 notes,  1.3 Rates practice

Homework:  Complete 1.3 hw.  If you are missing any work so far, make sure to get it done over the weekend!

Lesson 1.4:  The Cost of  Smoking

Students will be working on the Cost of Smoking Packet  in class.  It should be finished over the days off and be ready to go for class on Friday, September 25th.

Lesson 1.5: The Cost of Smoking

 Students will work together to finish their packet! You can complete a smoking FLYER for class next week for extra credit!

Homework:  Complete 1.5 hw over the weekend to help prepare for your unit test next wednesday!

Lesson 1.6: Review of Beat the Basics 

Students should work on the Unit 1 Review sheets (the rainbow papers) from class.

Checkthe SOLUTION GUIDE to help prepare for the test!

Unit 1: Beat the Basics TEST, Wednesday, September 3oth! 

This test will cover 4 Mastery Learning Targets!  All Topics will also include modeling and word problems!

  1. Number Types + Order of Operatoins
  2. Fractions
  3. Percents
  4. Rates

Homework: 2.0 SEQ Pre-Test

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Social Psychology Experiment

1. Do some preliminary research on the following social psychology ideas:

a. The Bystander Effect

b.  The Halo Effect

c. Social Conformity

d. Chameleon Effect

2. As a class we will draft the effects to know which one you will  be working on.

3. Brainstorm ways that you could carry out a psychological experiment on this effect on your own given your resources and environment and ethics.

4. Complete the SOCIAL PSYCH EXPERIMENT DESIGN google doc  by June 3rd.

5. Read Ms. Ps comments on June 4th!

6. Carry out your experiment.  Make sure you take notes, pictures, and or video by June 11th! You will be sharing your experiment with the other students in your group on the 11th!

7. Complete the Social Psych Experiment Report doc. You need a rough draft of the report done for class on June 11th- you will he sharing it with the other students who did the same effect as you did.

8.  Work with the other kids in your group to make a GOOGLE PRESENTATION on your effect. All group members need to participate in making the slides and the presentations on Monday June 15th. The presentation should include the following :

a. an intro page with information about the effect

b. a slide for each person in the group. Each person should present their experiment. (do not include results on this page)

c. A results page-  this page should have the results for all of the students and the group should compare and contrast the results.

d. Conclusion page – what can your group conclude from all of the experiments?

e. Better Experiment Design- work together to design 1 more experiment on this effect. Now that everyone in the group has done the experiment, what would you do differently? How can you make it better.

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Mastery Topics: Videos and Worksheets

Q1 Topic Video Worksheet
UNIT 1: BEAT THE BASICS Order of Operations + Signed Numbers

Number Types

Order of Operations

Number Types Site



Fractions Fraction Review Worksheet
Percents Basic Percents Review

Decimals and Percents

Rates Rates Review  + Unit Rate Worksheet
UNIT 2: SOLVING EQUATIONS Solving Equation Video: Gateway Worksheet
Modeling with Equations video Worksheet
Properties of Equations examples


Practice1,   Practice 2
Graphing Lines + Slope Intro to the Slope of a line

Finding the Slope Algebraically 

Graphing lines not in y-=mx+b

Horizontal and Vertical Lines

Unit 3: Linear Functions Writing Equations of Lines Writing the Equation from a graph  

Writing the Equation   1 point+slope                                                         Writing the equation from 2 points

Writing the equation using Parallel and Perpendicular lines 

Linear Modeling






Q2 Topic Videos Worksheet
UNIT 4: Linear Inequalities 1 variable Inequalities 1 var ineq

Compound Ineq

1 Var Inequalities
2 variable inequalities 2 Variable Ineq

Horizontal and Vertical Inequalities

2 Var Inequalities
Modeling and Functions of Inequalities  video Modeling and Functions with Inequalities
Unit 5: Linear Systems Graphically Solving Systems Graphing systems of equations graphing systems of inequalities Worksheet
Algebraically Solving Systems substitution


Modeling  and Functions Modeling with systems Worksheet
Unit 6: Exponential and Radical Expressions Exponent Laws Multiplication Law of Exponents Video

Division Law of Exponents Video

Power of a Power Law of Exponents Video

Negative Law of Exponents Video

Zero Exponent Law Video

Exponential Growth and Decay Growth and Decay video worksheet
Radicals  intro to radicalsadding and subtracting

Multiplying Radicals

Dividing Radicals

rationalizing the denominator

Q3 Topic Videos Worksheet
UNIT 7: POLYNOMIALS Naming Polys Naming Polys Video Worksheet
Add/Sub Polys worksheet
Mult/Div Polys Multiplying Polys Video– Double Dist.

Box Method

MultDiv Polys
UNIT 8: FACTORING Factoring GCF –Factoring

Diamond- Factoring

DOTS- Factoring

ACGC Factoring

2 Step- Factoring

ALL Factoring Review
UNIT 9: QUADRATIC FUNCTIONS Solving Quadratic Equations Solving by Factoring

Solving by Completing the Square

Solving using the Quad. Formula

Solving Quadratics
Parabolas Graphing Parabolas

Finding the Vertex,  Roots and AOS

 Q4 Topic Videos Worksheet
UNIT 10: DATA ANALYSIS Histograms and Scatterplots Histograms and Scatterplots Work sheet -Data 1
Measures of Central Tendency and Box and Whisker Plots  MCT + B+W Plots

Data Shifts  

Data Types, Bias and Percentiles Data Types  + Bias


UNIT 11: ALGEBRAIC FRACTIONS / RATIONAL EXPRESSIONS Algebraic Fractions Evaluating, Finding Excluded Values

Simplifying Video 


Multiplying Dividing

UNIT 12: OPPERATIONS WITH FUNCTIONS Graphing, Shifting, domain and range Families, vs Relations, Functions Functions
Systems of functions  Quad Linear System
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Regents Review

All Algebra students will be taking the Common Core Algebra 1 Regents Exam on Wednesday June 17th at 1pm.   All students must earn a 65 on the exam to pass, which is required to graduate from high school and move on to geometry next year.  All students must also earn at least 65% of the mastery points throughout the year in order to pass the course! 

Regents Review Schedule


Check the most recent Mastery Tracker to see what topics you are missing mastery on. Remember, all students must earn at least 65% of the mastery points throughout the year to pass the course.



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Unit 12: Operations with Functions

Lesson 12.1: Graphing ALL Functions + Families 

12. 1 notes    HW 12.1

Lesson 12.2 Functions Practice + Shifts

Log on to your Deltamath.com page and complete the May 5th assignment.   This is due by 10pm on may 5th!

Check out this SHIFTS page for a little more review if you’re stuck!

Lesson 12.3:  More Shifting

12.3 notes  HW 12.3

Lesson 12.4 Graphing Functions  + Domain and Range 

12.4 notes  12.4 hw

Lesson 12.5 –  Functions QUIZ  + Solving Systems Graphically 

HW:  complete 12.5 worksheet that we started in class!

Lesson 12.6 – Solving Systems of Functions Algebraically

12.6 notes  12.6 hw

Lesson 12.7 More Systems!

12.7 notes      12.7 hw

Lesson 12.8 QUIZ + Extraneous Solutions 

12.8 ALG A notes  12.8 ALG C notes   12.8 worksheet–  finish for homework!

Lesson 12.9 – Functions Review 

Review Key

Lesson 12.10: Functions Test – May 19th

hw: Beat the Basics 12

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Unit 11: Algebraic Fractions

Lesson 11.1: Factoring Frenzy Review 

HW: 11.1 hw

Lesson 11.2: Simplifying Algebraic Fractions 

11.2 NOTES     11.2 hw

Lesson 11.3: Adding/Subtracting Algebraic Fractions

11.3 notess  11.3 hw

Algebraic Fractions Video for Extra Help

Lesson 11.4: Multiplying/Dividing Algebraic Fractions 

11.4 notes  11.4 hw +Algebraic Fractions Video for Extra Help

Lesson 11.5: Algebraic Fractions Review 


Lesson 11.6: UNIT 11 TEST

This test will over Algebraic Fractions: 1- evaluate, 2- excluded values, 3- simplify, 4- add/subtract, 5- Multiply/divide

Beat the Basics 11

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